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Tracks from SPLIT (V_003)


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Peter Kutin is a vienna based producer/composer of advanced electronic music/soundart and a founding member of Ventil Records. He combines and extends his music with formats like film, video & light. He is clearly denying fences between genres but always uses a sonic- / musical concept as the backbone of the works wether it is film, performance or live AV shows. Towards his sonic material, Kutin follows a sculptural approach, carving sonic textures out of well selected source-materials. Live-reproductions appear with a physical and often additional visual impact, and throw you as much off balance as they embrace you often sharpening the listener's perception. His works have been shown and comissioned at various music- & filmfestivals across the globe. They were describes as undeniably effective by the Wire Magazine.

„Kutin offers an enlightened richness of ear-thrilling sounds and arrangements while also showing a stripped back richness of sharply-moving synth sounds and shamanic percussion.“ (xlr8r on kutins work for the LP Split)

In cooperation with the soundartist Florian Kindlinger, Kutin realized mixed-media compositions and 'audio-films' where tiniest sounds get amplified to an extreme level, creating a form of acoustic-hyper-realism. With his band-project VENTIL he continuously plays shows ranging from noise- to jazzfestivals, collecting a more and more international growing reputation.


- SPLIT w/ asfast (2015, Ventil Records)

ambient/drone trilogy:
- PANORA (u-cover, 2006)
- MENORA (karate-joe, 2007)
- IVORY (valeot-records, 2012)

field-recording based composition:
- BURMESE DAYS (grünrekorder, 2014)
- DECOMPOSITION I-III w/ Florian Kindlinger and Christina Kubisch (ventil records, 2015)

Kutin was/is also active in bandprojects Dirac | Shrack! | Ventil.
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