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'This music is neither cold, nor warm, but red like blood.'(A closer listen)

For the fourth part of their DECOMPOSITION series the duo kutin | kindlinger confirm the projects identity, but present a concept that is even more innovative and fascinating. They recorded solely waves which were transmitted through a bulletproof glass pane while it was exposed to major physical impacts. They arranged musical corpses that are strictly based on these samples: sonic fragments that document a process of vast physical destruction. What we hear on this album is still music, which has clear tangents with different genres (ranging from electroacoustic to broken beats or club aesthetics), but sets its own unique mood and intonation. The pieces develop only to fall apart again in quite an ear-thrilling manner ... this is broken music - assembled in times of uncertainty, referring to the impossibility of safety.

'deliciously harsh and tantalisingly subtle'(The Wire)

'the same worries and horrible perspectives put into music by Trent Reznor'(ondarock)

About kutin | kindlinger

kutin | kindlinger work with sound and its possible extensions. Over the last decade they have realised a wide and highly-acclaimed array of sonic and sound-based interdisciplinary projects. The duo consequently seeks friction and its potentials, psychological twists in the relationship of sound – image – object. Therefore, they often utilise or develop technical prostheses to expand our limited human perception. kutin | kindlinger’s works received several awards and honourable mentions – among others, the renowned Karl-Sczuka Award for their radiophonic composition Desert Bloom (in cooperation with Christina Kubisch) or the prize for best sound design at the Diagonale Film Festival for Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s latest film Homo Sapiens. Their latest work DECOMPOSITION IV premiered live as an AV-show at the 2017 edition of LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival) and will be on stages again in 2018.

The production of this records was kindly supported by SKE & SHIFT.
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