12" LP (140g)

Digital & Vinyl

Releasedate: May 1st 2017

Artwork by Evelyn Plaschg
Mastered by Rashad Becker
Cut @ Dubplates

Asfast Website
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© Evelyn Plaschg

Asfast aka Leon Leder is a master of restrained and concise expression. With his Haiku-esque cuts he is able to delimit a spectrum of emotion,
conveying longing, fear and hope whilst staying gripped to a glacial surface. Within this soundscape he integrates various elements of contemporary
club-genres - Trap, Grime, Broken Beat - and deconstructs them into crystalized constructions. His mystic harmonies form into Mantra-Loops, which,
despite their catchiness, remain strangely elusive. Asif it was an extremely purged emotional detox, that translates from Tresillo-Dances to Trance
inducing experiences to deliver a harsh wake-up call to our digital generation. Bitter-sweet broken beat poetics shifting between mournful farewells and
fearless blashphemy.

Text by Shilla Strelka
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